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Residential Property Valuation

Our highly accredited and qualified valuers employ the best professional standards to deliver an unbiased, comprehensive and pragmatic residential property valuation report. We work as independent valuers and don’t transact in real estate, so we offer you a transparent and objective outcome that works in your best interest.
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Commercial Property Valuation

The importance of unbiased valuations lies at the heart of how Accord Appraisals function. Our accredited, competent, licensed valuers analyse sale and rental market data combined with market intelligence to offer comprehensive valuation reports.
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Insurance Replacement Valuation

Underinsurance can severely impede the speed and ability to recover from natural disasters and total loss events.

Our valuation reports for insurance replacement include every aspect of the replacement process including construction costs, demolition costs, statutory fees, professional fees and most importantly cost escalation.
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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Property valuation reports for Insolvency, Family Law and commercial litigation should conform to relevant standards and guidelines for experts as stipulated by the respective Courts. An unbiased valuation report from an independent and competent expert valuer is the most important decision in a property settlement for family law or resolving a commercial dispute.
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Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty

Current market or retrospective (back-dated or historical) valuation report are required for Capital Gains tax and stamp duty assessments. The process can involve negotiations with statutory authorities that may sometimes be quite onerous without a Sworn Valuation that complies with the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Office requirements.
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Mortgage Valuations

Mortgage valuations require an in-depth understanding of the local market, extensive market intelligence and research, working knowledge of Statutory Planning regulations and most importantly the ability to identify mortgage risk.
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