Current market or retrospective (back-dated or historical) valuation reports are required for Capital Gains tax and stamp duty assessments. The process can involve negotiations with statutory authorities that may sometimes be quite onerous and time consuming. A Sworn Valuation that complies with the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Office requirements will expedite the process and assist in a favourable result.

Our team of Certified Practising Valuer’s have decades of valuation expertise with an extensive database of historical sales data and market intelligence to provide Certified and Sworn Valuation Reports. With a client-focused approach, we will prepare an accurate and comprehensive valuation report in a timely manner to achieve the best outcome.

We cover most property sectors including the following:
  • Residential dwellings, Units and Apartments
  • Prestige residential
  • Prestige residential
  • Commercial development sites
  • Englobo Land
  • Commercial office and Mixed use properties
  • Industrial office and Warehouse/ Factory
  • Retail and Mixed use buildings

Whether you are transferring property between related entities or need to save on the CGT of your property development, you can rely on us for accurate valuations

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